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Praying the Right Way

This book not only offers you simple, tested and proven principles of effective prayer, it also ignites in your heart an enduring passion for prayer. The results are guaranteed – a life full of joy and peace as you receive answers to your prayers always!

The power of Tongues

In this book, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teaches you the what, how and why of speaking in other tongues, and reveals the immense benefits it holds for you as a New Testament believer in Jesus Christ.

How To Make Your Faith Work

This book is an outstanding masterpiece that teaches you not just how to acquire faith, but how to put your faith to work so you can live the life of victory, success, joy, health and prosperity that God has planned for you.

How to Pray Effectively

This first volume will establish for you a clear understanding of the rules of different prayers for different situations and how to play them for your desired outcome. Your prayer life will be revolutionized as you open your heart to received and practice the divine insights this book unveils to you.